The best graphic design podcasts

I love listening to and creating graphic design podcasts. It’s a medium that provides options to go deep and connect with an audience. In times of short messages and notifications it’s a haven of value and knowledge.

I would love to guide you trought the landscape of podcasts for a designer. Let’s get started.

Branding and design podcasts

Branding is a broad subject with a lot of specific topics like logo design, identity, copywriting, messaging and so on. Here are a couple of my favorite podcasts on branding and design.

1. Logo geek podcast

Ian Paget has been growing his facebook community and creating content for over the last year and has become an important thought leader in the design community. His podcast focuses on Logo design and branding in general.

Favorite episode: Ian talks with branding guru Marty Neumeier

2. The Futur podcast

Chris Do is a hero in the design community, he talks about the “design of business and the business of design”. On his podcast he hosts interesting guests about topics ranging from business to typography.

Favorite episode: Making it in the little leagues with design legend Aaron Draplin.

3. Obsessed with design

Josh Miles, author of ‘Bold brand’; hosts the show and has a plethora of interesting guests such as Ian Paget, Paula Scher, Debbie Milman,… They talk about their lives, branding, design and much more.

Favorite episode: Josh talks with Paula Scher, design legend and super-interesting women.

4. The Honest Design Podcast

A jolly bunch, these 4; illustrator, hand-lettering artist and owners or Retrosupply and Design cuts host this show. They talk about life as a designer and themes that strike a cord with me as a designer. No guru stuff here, just great, honest design knowledge.

Favorite episode: The honest designers talk about Competition in the designer space, it’s an interesting talk. Listen on soundcloud or itunes.

5. Let’s Talk Branding Podcast

Of course, I have to include my podcast to the list as well. Recently just started but planning to record this weekly. I discuss branding, brand strategy and how to create better brands with brand strategists and designers.

In the latest episode I talk with Henk Willems, award winning design veteran. We talk about brand strategy and design.

6. This Design Life

Chris Green host’s the This design life, a graphic design podcast and community. He talks with thought leaders such as Chris do, Debbie Millman, Ian Paget,…

My favorite episode: it’s always fun hearing Chris Do speak, check out this interesting episode: The futur of education.

7. Grits and Grids

A bit more layed back style, host John Szala talks with brand designers, marketeers such as Debbie Milman, Josh Miles and many more. They discuss food, design and branding.

Favorite episode: Talk with design legend Debbie Millman.

Business and lifestyle podcasts

As mentioned above, there is already some podcasts like the futur and honest designers show where they talk about how to run your business, but I want to add a couple of podcasts that focus more on business and less on design.

8. Smart Passive Income

The smart Passive Income is an amazing source of value. Talking about how to build passive income, grow brands, entrepreneurship and much more, Pat Flynn is a must hear if your looking to build your own business.

Favorite episode: Selling your artwork online with Cory Huff.

9. The Tim Ferriss Show

Maybe not directly design related, but this podcast is a must listen. Tim Ferris talks with world class performers in many fields and professions.

Favorite episode: Tim talks with Terry Crews, it’s a hilarious yet emotional roller coaster that is so fascinating and inspiring.

Please let me know what podcast you listen to! I would love to keep expanding this list and keep learning.

January 28, 2018

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  1. Peter S

    Hi stef,

    I have listened to these and there are some ideas especially some of the comments by Josh Miles in Grits & grids regarding branding which I totally agree with.

    Highly recommend the Futur podcast too – they have a great straight to the point way of explaining things.

  2. Colleen Gratzer

    I would love for my podcast, Design Domination, to be considered: I’ve gotten great feedback about it, including comments such as that some of it should be mandatory in a graphic design curriculum. The podcast is mostly for emerging designers but those in the field for some time will still learn something new.


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