Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

Published by Chris Green

July 6, 2018

If you’ve been a designer for any period of time, you’ll have no doubt heard of logo and brand designer David Airey.

David has been an independent designer in 2005. He’s collaborated with a diverse range of clients in more than thirty countries. His speciality is in the creation of meaningful and enduring logos and brand identities that help his clients to better communicate the value of what they do.

He’s also the author of Logo Design Love and is about to bring out a new book, entitled  Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding, which is based on his hugely popular blog by the same name.

We got the chance to ask David some questions ahead of this new release…

Why did you create the book?

A few reasons.

The success of my earlier book, Logo Design Love, led various publishers to ask if I’d write another, so it’d been on my mind for a couple of years before the planning started.

As the Identity Designed website had grown steadily since 2010, it made sense from a promotional view to base a new book on that. It’d be special to do something that makes the design profession better for everyone involved — whether that’s designers doing a similar job, clients who want to understand more about working with designers, or teachers who are bringing the next generation into the workforce.

I’m also at a life stage where I have two amazing, young children, so what could be better than releasing a title that others benefit from, while helping to support my family, too?

What did you learn from interviewing all these people in the book?

A lot.

While there are common project phases when creating a company’s visual identity (research, strategy, design, implementation), how studios approach each step can be very different. Just as there are a lot of right ways to do things, there are fairly common wrong ways, too.

The good and bad are talked about. It was also interesting to learn from studio owners about working with people in different cultures, and how their approaches are changed to fit with local mentalities. That’s the kind of thing you generally don’t discover until you’re in the middle of a project with your own international clients.

What do you hope people will get out of reading this book?

The confidence and insights to do their jobs better, from the designer and client side.

And for designers to get paid what they’re worth, while having fun along the way. Because every design project can be fun, even when working with clients in seemingly mundane industries. In fact, the more mundane the industry, the more scope there is to do something extraordinary.

David’s new book will be out early 2019, featuring work from Base, Fedoriv, ico Design, Koto, OCD and Together (and many more).

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